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Pabellón distrito centro, Alcobendas, CREA,Club Recreativo Esgrima Alcobendas


Located in Avenida Olímpica 22 in Alcobendas, the Centro Distrito Pavilion is one of the most current and best rooms  equipped  for the development of  fencing. Its multiple comforts and  its  direct access,  facilitate the realization  of the  activities  sports,  as well as  holding different events. 



Inaugurated  in 2011 and  aiming  to bring sport to all the districts of Alcobendas, our center,  with  a total built area of 1,792 square meters,  lets give  fit to numerouscompetitions , such as  they have been celebrating  in previous seasons,  both national and regional nature.


On the lower floor of the center is located our  weapons room. Distributed in  12 tracks, 7 of them metal, constitute the main training area, where the main daily activities are carried out. What's more,  our  facilities also have an auxiliary room for material,  lockers, a workshop and offices. 

club recreativo esgrima alcobendas



We could tell you how comfortable it is to access the slopes and watch the rounds safely, we could tell you about the cleanliness and modern design of  the installations  or the atmosphere that there is an internal ranking Tuesday. But we believe that the best thing is that you stop and see it for yourself. Do not hesitate and visit our room or contact us if you have any questions.

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